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  1. Did you allready check out the new Techniclor Cinestyle-Curve on your T2i? I mean, it doesn´t reach the RED, because RED shoots in RAW, but you get a huuuge increase in contrast-latitude. So for me at the moment that is my "poorman´s RED". (Btw: If you
  2. I will check out the T3i. Sounds like a nice camera. I am probably going to rent a red camera next time I do a music video. If I have the budget, I will do film too. The arri IIc does shoot really nice footage, but it is a pricey and risky undertakin
  3. Nice...looking forward to seeing some footage from your T3i!
  4. Sorry Daniel for such late reply! Didn´t get your message into my mailbox. Meanwhile I upgraded from T2i to T3i. I can highly recommend this gadget,( or the 60D). The joint-display is really helpful. The Technicolor Cinestyle helps a lot in imitating…
  5. Thanks Steffen. It must not be too funny if you can't tell which is film and which is DSLR! hehe The film shots are of me running through the field of flowers, playing and singing in front of the barn, the wide shot of my house at sunrise with…