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Porto, Portugal

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Gabriela Santomé was born in Campanhã, Porto, Portugal.

She is graduated in Cinema and now is ending her Masters degree in Cinema as well.

Happy to shoot plays in theaters or events of any kind, not weddings for sure, to ensure the pleasure of shooting something and then editing.

Her true passion is Film Production and now she's in the middle of a Documentary called "Transexualidade" for the Universidade Católica do Porto to end the Major in Cinema and Audiovisual.

Trying to survive in this business she tries to shoot and planning with great fullness with three cameras to have the perfect result of the plays or something that happens one time only.

In other situations she uses a Photography Camera HD like Canon or Nikon D7000 to shoot something that no needs to be continued.


Gabriela Santomé, talking in the 3rd person cause didn't remember a speak that was not like this one.


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