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Will P. Wilson produces and hosts the All Day Live program weekly on local Seattle cable TV channel 77, and (Broadstripe channel 23) and on-line at that appears every Friday night at 10:00 pm and repeats Mondays at noon every week and I produce a Thursday morning show called You Have Not Seen This.

All Day Live is one of the only programs that provides the Northwest viewers in a one hour (scheduled program) of weekly cable-cast and on-line Webcast, whereas, the corporate channels do not provide this opportunity but some one has to provide this and so I put forward my time during each week to make sure that important topics and people can be regularly seen and heard at

I co-produce the Call4Investigation show that shows weekly on Tuesday afternoons at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and repeats Tuesday nights at 10:00 pm. I work with and co-produce with my associates Patricia Shupe, Don Grahn and Keith Ljunghammar to produce actually several local television programs every week.

For example the Truth vs. News Show that appears weekly on Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and repeats that night at 10:00 pm. Don Grahn also produces the All Ways Pursuing Truth weekly news show that appears throughout the week from SCANTV that broadcasts on local Comcast cable channel 77, on Broadstripe on channel
23, and on-line on

Our programs average per show approximately 96,600 local viewers and possibly several million on-line.

I have produced the All Day Live show for more then eight years.

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