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So it all started in 1985... well, I guess technically 1984. I cut my proverbial teeth growing up in Franklin, TN as the youngest in a family of four. I was a staple in the Williamson Co. school systems until a 2003 high school graduation. From there, I went on to attend the University of Alabama pursuing a degree in Advertising, something I have always enjoyed. As a child, I became mesmerized by commercials and would quickly scold my dad for changing the channel mid “Where’s the beef?” 

But, I was an older Daniel Brown with long hair when I discovered my love for design. Specifically, it was in a “visual advertising” class at Alabama. I quickly declared my minor Graphic Design and ate up every design class that was offered. Soon after, I took on personal projects involving design and video editing for pure enjoyment. I loved it. 

After a timely graduation in 2007, I cut my hair and settled down back home in Nashville, Tennessee. I received a job in the music industry as a graphic designer for the worlds largest drum manufacturer Pearl Drums. At Pearl, I’m responsible for developing print & web advertising such as magazine ads, logos, package design, web design, video editing, etc. When not behind my computer, I can be found on the dance floor or on the ice with my league-champion ice hockey team - Team Machine.

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