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Silverlake CA

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My love is to design.
Too create.
Too conceive.
To execute an ever fluctuating vision of self image. of external adornment.
Too find the inherent covert pathways / synapses & connections between elements.
So newly / acquainted.
Unintended to meet.

Born. Grazed on the commerce pastures & industry rivers of Los Angeles. large.
It has been my distinct privilege & pleasure to airbrush the bodies / faces / Characters. of.
The talented masses.
In the fashion / performance / film & advertising.

& above all.
Have the opportunity to closely work with the amazing people. who.
surround & inspire my every conception.
A product of Waldorf education.
10 years + Art fed / Still alive f/or ‘process’ / Wealth in people.

I find inspiration in the nature cities provide.
Both the bounty of humankinds inventions & mechanical advancements.
& the byproducts.
The needed waste. we. Packaderms.
Shed to grow.

My hands delights in lacy materials / forms / & pigments.
F/or their timeless qualities / tactile presence & ability to re-create;
Too emulate the patterns of life.
Nature & renewal.

Driven by detail.
The unnoticed.
I feel an umbilical privilege to feed vision, the eye & the lens.

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