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In 2011 Nico Guedes, an Animation Director, founded the New Animation Laboratory, with Miss Suzie an Artist who makes several Art Directions, Costume Design and Animation Special FX, to create a different approach to the advertisement film context, not only in the minds behind the cameras, but also in the Production Means used to specific ends.
Despite its special dedication to produce Animated Commerciall Films, the New Animation Lab will also make fiction and is now beginning the Pre-Production of it's first Short Movie...

Nico started his adventures in animation in 2004 with the Film Research and Development Laboratory called Easylab. This Laboratory, founded by "Take it Easy Films" with Nico Guedes, Jerónimo R. Rocha and Joana Faria intended to experiment new and artistic ways to understand the Commercial Advertisement Films, exploring "Super-Short Films" that portrayed a different view from an "Advertisement Director".
In 2007 Miss Suzie started to colaborate with Easylab expanding their possibilities. In 2010 Nico left Easylab to start new adventures..

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