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I'm an uber-liberal that uses my blog, Out Left, mainly for social and political commentary and as a jump resource for news, web pages, and information I want to spread. I also post reviews of films, books, and other media I think are worth reading, seeing, or using as a resource. I manage several other blogs all covering different content with specific audiences in mind. Gather your own ideas and don't let anyone else tell you who or what to love.

I gave up the corporate world, after working there for a third of my life. Now, I focus on my art, poetry, various writing activities, our garden and community activities. My husband and I have been working on our house little by little. She was built in the 1870's and needed a lot of TLC, but we just finished a remodel which doubles our square footage and modernizes much of the house. We've also been working to allow nature to reclaim more of the land footprint and grow some of our own food.

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