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Ogmento was founded in 2009 by industry veterans committed to developing Augmented Reality Games. By fusing real and virtual worlds Ogmento is spearheading the next generation of video games that are played in the real world.

With offices in New York and Los Angeles, Ogmento develops and publishes AR games and entertainment products. It combines leading AR technologies with creative leadership to deliver a totally unique experience across a range of mobile devices and platforms, including iPhone, Android, PC/Mac, and traditional game consoles.

With founders Ori Inbar, Brad Foxhoven, Brian Selzer, Oriel Bergig, Nate Hagbi and a team of experienced game designers, animators, and award winning AR scientists, Ogmento is positioned at the epicenter of the AR industry. The company is proud of its affiliation and collaboration with multiple partners including independent game developers, established game publishers, AR labs, ad agencies, and entrepreneurs around the world.

Ogmento – Augmenting the world, one reality at a time.

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