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Sítio is a cooperative dedicated to the development of local economies.

At a time that the general trend is to focus on social inequalities and environmental issues, our major goal is to contribute to the creation, organization and transmition of solutions; Solutions that can contribute to the capacity of individuals and communities to manage – in a resilient, free and abundant way – the realities that they inhabit.

The scope of responses in which we’re working is orientated for communities of a smaller scale, capable of integrating production activities in their daily lifes. Rural communities present, in an immediate future, a greater potential for the realisation of solutions that promote greater social equity and a better integration in natural ecosystems.
Thus, in order to boost neighborhood and cooperative economies with a positive impact on the natural processes we’re working on two major fields, which are interwoven in a permanent and dynamic way:

Appropriate technologies – technologies that apply science and art in achieving an increased autonomy from the market economy. The main objective is to increase the ability of individuals and communities to meet many of their needs and to improve their living standards through modernized activities whose product remains outside the formal economic sphere.
Due to its importance in creating the environment we inhabit, the constructive and architectural techniques will be our main focus.

Agroecology – territorial planning which seeks the seamless integration between agricultural production systems (for the benefit of man) with natural systems in ways that promote, more than sustainability, an increase of local vitality. This research seeks solutions for the creation of what may be called structural ecological landscapes in which individuals and communities are participants in an ecosystem in constant growth and with an increasing complexity.
Agroforestry, because of its comprehensive approach, will be the method explored in greater depth.

It’s an ambitious task.
The action, which must be phased, will be focused, in the beginning, on the creation of a space where we can run workshops and training activities, a design and architecture office for commercial and social work and an Agroforestry production to serve as space for food and other materials (for construction and design) production as well as an experimental field on agronomic solutions.

Sítio is a work in progress.

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