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We're a group of guys who love to make music. Sometimes we're from San Francisco, and sometimes San Jose.. but its actually Cupertino

We came together in a garage in 2004. The awkward years taught us a lot and we emerged as a band called Ambience somewhere along the way. We like big epic jams and effects pedals, although sometimes its so much more satisfying to break it down with just naked, natural percussion.

Having complimentary strengths and weaknesses allows us to create the music we write. Knowing when a song is complete is also really important, whether it takes 3 minutes or 3 months. Songs are usually born in the studio for us, but they don't mature until we perform them. You can really say that about any form of art though, its meant to be shared.

The dream is to tour throughout Europe, South America and the U.S. The first step in getting there is to finish our album. Once that is complete, we would love to perform at festivals. Outdoor venues are also beautiful… like the Greek Theater in Berkeley California.

We are so grateful to have shared the stage with bands like dredg, Cold War Kids and Train. Looking forward to more adventures… thanks for stopping by and having a listen! 

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  1. Ambience commented on On the Horizon
    Thanks! Got some new stuff coming out soon
  2. Great work, guys! Awesome song.
  3. This is gorgeous. :D