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Iconologic is a 32-year old brand design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. We design profound connections between our clients and the people who will ultimately grow their businesses.

However, we are not for everyone. Our clients understand that the story they tell, the experience they become and the image they embody must be designed with the same daring as the product they create. Risk is crucial to the process, and fearlessness brings great rewards.

Our work—and our success—springs from a few deeply held beliefs.

Your audience has better things to do. They are not necessarily interested in you, and they are probably less interested in your brand. But, like all of us, they enjoy a good story, they are drawn to beauty, they want to know the facts, they like a little controversy, they respond to new experiences, and they aspire to a better life. We design for real people with full lives, not brand targets.

People connect through intellect and emotions. We create stories, experiences and images that make people think and feel. Consequently, our process is both rational and intuitive, addressing strategic and creative concerns in equal measure.

Truth sells. People easily distinguish the genuine from the contrived. We tell the truth about our clients—who they are and what they provide, and about their audience—who they are and what they long for. The magic is in how truth is expressed.

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