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  1. 22:58

    Garbage as design material

    by Design School Kolding

    9 Videos

    How can waste and garbage become valuable new resources for a future society? The answer could be given in the form of a mobile app for sharing and creatively re-cycling trash in a neighbour hood;…

  2. 24:02

    Designcamp 2013

    by Design School Kolding

    12 Videos

    Project videos from the Designcamp 2013, Designskolen Kolding, Denmark

  3. 14:29

    DesignCamp 2011: Recommendation

    by Design School Kolding

    5 Videos

    By the end of the two Power Days the researchers, designers and business people worked out their “Points and recommendations for the World.”

  4. 02:13:06

    DesignCamp 2011

    by Design School Kolding

    26 Videos

    Films from DesignCamp 2011: On Making the intangible tangible and the tangible wonderfull. The camp took place in october with design students from all over the world

  5. 46:49

    Design Camp 2010

    by Design School Kolding

    3 Videos

    Kolding Shcool of design was invaded by young design talent from across the world; e.g. India, Holland, New Zealand and China. Together with DK: students they designed sustainable and user-friendly…

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