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The posted visual oral histories are from the second phase of the CA Nisei Project, Dreams Finally Realized: The Untold Stories of California Nise Forced out of Higher Education. These oral histories will show viewers what it was like for the Nisei, second-generation Japanese Americans, during their college years and how they were effected by their incarceration in 1942.

Our channel is dedicated to educating the public about the Japanese/Japanese American Internment experience, the effect it had on the Japanese Americans that were unable to finish their post-secondary education due to their incarceration, and California Assembly Bill 37's calling for granting honorary degrees to the Nisei 68 years later.

The California Nisei College Diploma Project, a project of the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, was established to provide critical community outreach for the successful implementation of a new law, Assembly Bill 37 (AB37), authored by Assemblymember Warren Furutani. AB 37 calls upon the California State University and California Community Colleges as well as requests the University of California to grant honorary degrees to individuals of Japanese descent who were unable to complete their college education in the State of California because of their forced removal and incarceration during World War II. Over 2,500 students of Japanese ancestry are estimated to have been in school at the time with the Nisei or second generation Japanese Americans comprising the largest number affected. AB 37 also allows a representative to accept an honorary degree on behalf of individuals who are deceased. The California Nisei College Diploma Project seeks to identify and support these indviduals and their families as well as involve and educate younger generations of Japanese Americans and the public about the Japanese internement experience.

The CA Nisei Project and Dreams Finally Realized is made possible with funding from the California State Library through the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program and in conjunction with Union Bank