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  1. Louco commented on Bsurfaces v1.5
    OK ! Now i understand that al the curves have absolutly to be made in edit mode to make a single and whole object if you want the addsufaces works .... Thank you very much for this denmonstration it is completly genius and will help alot. :-)
  2. Louco commented on Bsurfaces v1.5
    Sincerly this video is going to fast and does not allow me to understand how to repeat for myself what you are doing. A step by step tutorial would be appreciated. This addon is genious thow. :-)
  3. Thanks a lot !
  4. Thank you for thid tutorial ! :-)
  5. No problem ... I could have answered in english. This is not my native laguage . So ... The important is to communicate. :-) Thank you again !
  6. Merci pour ce tutoriel il m'a permis de découvrire quelques astuces qui me seront surement très utile. :-)