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  1. Kinneir Dufort

    Kinneir Dufort Bristol, UK


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    Kinneir Dufort is an award-winning integrated research, innovation, design and product development company with over 30 years’ experience helping companies discover, create, develop and realise tangible new products, brands and experiences. We offer an integrated process delivering More for Less... We…

  2. duncan shotton ☁

    duncan shotton ☁ Tokyo, Japan


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    Designing happiness into things. Focusing on designing happiness into everyday things, Duncan uses themes such as play, wit and illusion to create a range of original products and limited edition items that converge simple ideas with serious product design.

  3. Vitsœ

    Vitsœ PRO London, UK


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    For 50 years Vitsœ has created and evolved furniture that allows you to live better with less that lasts longer.

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