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I had the privilege to live in Europe, Asia, USA, Africa and now Canada. Places I have lived, studied or worked are: Congo DRC, Tirol Austria, Brussels Belgium, Paris France, Tunisia, Turkey, Marbella, Ibiza Spain, Greece, Milan Italy, Munich Germany, Hong Kong SAR China PRC, London UK, New York USA, Johannesburg South Africa, Vancouver Canada.
As a Laureate pattern maker, Fashion & Interior Designer I trained at YSL in Paris. Lately I have added Architectural Design to my passions. I also am a "Corporate uniform designer". "Hotel uniform designer" for 5 star Hotels and Airlines worldwide and have some of the best in the world on my resume from Beverly Hills, New York to Hong Kong.
Since the birth of digital photography, my main (not so secret) passion is becoming more and more of importance to my main career. It has grown to be the cross platform between all medias. and is the Design I do 24/7. Even when I sleep, my mind created and if/when I am lucky to wake up with the idea fresh in my mind I sketch down. It keeps my mind on the go.
As an Ex Design Director for "Conran Design London" (Sir Terance Conran, Habitat, The Conran stores, Jacadi, BHS, Mothercare, do those ring a bell?) molded my brain into multifaceted, tasking,cross continental creative power house. At times people may think he is a Jack of all Designs, but I believe Design has no boundaries as long as the client believes in my creativity and are impressed by my Portfolio. Cross platform creativity is a like a drug, but photography is the media that always takes me back to sanity.

I love Architecture, Skyscrapers, reflections, flowers and many more subjects such as Macro, sunsets, yachts, classic Cars (especially chrome details), glass, flea markets, travel, beaches with or without clothes.
I am an "ANGLE" shooter. I think strong parallels, perpendiculars raise the focal interest of a picture and love creating strong geometries in a composition.

Since my last paper film camera a big "Canon". I have owned and climbed the ladder of every digital "Olympus" since the 1.2mega pixel to my last 8080. Santa delivered a Canon Rebel T2i oh heaven 18 Megapixel. I adore my baby camera "Samsung NV10" 10megapixel (especially for quality Macros). Do not shun the brand for a camera. I recommend it to anyone in search for a super compact, real metal casing (real cigarette pack size) digital camera that truly works wonders.

Languages I speak and act in are English, French, German, Dutch, and rusty Italian, Spanish and I adore Mandarin especially in music. Life is my act and I love every cm2 the world offers to my eyes to photograph. OK I admit, and, anything and anyone that attracts my attention by being, stunning, extraordinary or plane ordinary, texture, cool, cute, smiling, sad, cats, dogs, landscapes.

I think Design should always be written with a capital "D" as not enough credit is given to the word describing our profession. I enjoy documenting as much as possible of my life. I respect people of older age as they teach me what I may still have to learn and can teach them what they may have missed. I hold 300.000 + photos and scanned my whole family since the mid 1800 and I am NEVER without a camera! Parts of my heart are to be found in Africa, Asia and America. Finally I lost my writers block and will not pick it up at "lost & found". Writing 5 books and several scripts. I love to help, listen and communicate and the greatest of all I can say I have loved someone who loved me for 90% of my adult life.

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