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I am a multimedia producer with experience in various forms of media. These include, video and still photography, video and audio editing, web design, graphic arts and animation, scriptwriting and interactive media.
I am well versed in nonlinear video editing and video production. I am an Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro advanced user, including use of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects for graphics, Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver for web design and Adobe Director for interactive authoring.
I am willing to solve any media production need with a creative solution.
I am used to working to tight deadlines and with low budgets, and can adapt to changing circumstances and priorities whilst maintaining high quality.
I have recently established in The Netherlands, able to offer twenty-five years experience of working in the audiovisual and multimedia production field in my country Venezuela.
Managed the Multimedia Department of the most important university in Caracas, where I directed more than 100 educational TV programmes.
Directed and edited programmes for a national broadcast television station in Venezuela for five years. Tutored and introduced Media and Communication students to the use of media production software and the production process.
My international formal education in the Multimedia Field comprises, a Master Degree in Educational Multimedia at Universidad de Barcelona and a Multimedia Producer Diploma at SAE College in Amsterdam. I also hold a Bachelor degree in Organizational Psychology from Caracas.
My educational experience also enables me to assist media students or new producers to find solutions for their multimedia project.

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