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A creative, hypervigilant, pragmatic, but yet a healthy dual dose of optimism & pessimism Video Content Director/Producer/Editor from the wonderful city of Toronto.

I have produced, directed, edited video projects ranging from the web to broadcast television. I also am a Music Supervisor and offer Sound Design Management for film/tv projects - connecting you with the right sound/producers for your project.

My only hindrance to copious amounts of awesomeness is myself; and my procrastination to produce magnificent content - the hypervigilance and super-aware part can really have you second-guessing the minute things.

Anyhow, watch, and engage, comment.


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  2. Looking to take on a creative collabo with a film maker that needs custom music for their project, my production collective does mixing, mastering, and sound design, and we are looking for a project to get more exposure. Contact us if you need any…
  3. Looking to work with any Indie Film Producers/Directors to expand our portfolio of Sound Design & Music Supervision. Got some free time in the next few weeks, so send me a message for more details, and let's get this collabo started!