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  1. Nick Zoulek

    Nick Zoulek


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    Saxophonist//multimedia www.nickzoulek.com

  2. Andrew Green
  3. Truth Revolution Records

    Truth Revolution Records New York


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    "It's obvious now that artists are supposed to own their master recordings. I mean in the future it will be unconscionable to even think you can take somebody's creation and claim ownership."- Prince "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."- Mahatma…

  4. David J. Miller

    David J. Miller Wisconsin


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    David J. Miller is a multiple genre Harmonicist, Vocalist, Guitarist, Teacher, Promoter, President of Jazz Unlimited MKE, and Owner. Dave Miller teaches beginning to advanced harmonica, beginning voice, and basic blues guitar. David was introduced to the harmonica back in 1972 by his late father at the…

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