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more works: youtube.com/user/TheKijhh?feature=mhee
and kijhh.com ::: coming soon
Katrín i JÓNSDÓTTIR HJÖRDÍSARDÓTTIR HIRT born in Reykjavík 1982. Graduated from Icelandic Academy of the Art with BA degree in fine art 2008. Graduated from University of Iceland with BA in art history/art theory and creative writing 2012.

Katrín has exhibited her works and performed in varies place in Iceland, like The Living Art Museum, Rakjavík Art Museum, National Gallery of Iceland and Gallery Crymo.

Katrín usually tries to knock down the value of art but at the same time she wants to increase its worth. She tries to bring art closer to the viewer by putting her work up in public places or in a sincere way. The sincerity, which sometimes has the effect of irony, makes her work mysterious and cryptic but at times also very lucid.

Katrín believes that art can save the world, in fact its art's duty to do so. Art is our only hope for a better life. Katrín reuses her ideas by executing them in different ways and places.

She researches her ideas and evolves them with a variety of mediums and space, because she believes ideas in themselves can be so much more than just one piece of art. The possibilities for the execution of ideas are endless.


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