Holly Webster

Portland, OR

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I am a CG Generalist with experience in broadcast, commercials and film production. I have been specializing mostly in shading and texture painting, and also modeling, animating, lighting and compositing when necessary. I'm always eager and quick to learn, troubleshoot and create.

I have always been an artist that enjoys a technical challenge, and that is why I love computer graphics. I have worked mostly for Turner Broadcasting and Laika, and also managed my own business, Puddle, providing 2D and 3D graphics for several different companies.

I grew up in Memphis, TN and finished college at East Tennessee State University with a degree in Digital Media. I lived and worked in Atlanta, GA for 3 years where I met my husband. We moved to Portland, OR at the turn of 2007 and have since had a daughter. My career has been a roller coaster given all the circumstances of life; however, we have made the best of it and I remain passionate about my work.

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