Daniel Ingram

Vancouver, B.C.

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Daniel is rapidly becoming one of North America's most prominent composers for animation and children's TV. His music has scored 100's of episodes of television airing in 30+ countries around the globe.

His most recognizable credits include My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Martha Speaks, Pound Puppies, Adventures of Chuck and Friends, Ricky Sprocket, and Kung Fu Magoo.

His clients include Hasbro Studios, WGBH Boston, DHX Media (formerly Studio B), 9 Story Entertainment, Classic Media NY and Corus/Nelvana.

Daniel's music is known for it's originality and humor, while honoring the storyline with intelligence and taste.

Daniel is an accomplished songwriter. In the past few years Daniel has written more than 80 songs for television, including the new theme song for My Little Pony and Martha Speaks, with styles ranging from pop and classic rock to deep Broadway musical theater.

Daniel won two Leo awards, including the 2010 Best Music in an Animated Series for Martha Speaks, and the 2009 Best Music in a Variety Television show for About a Girl.

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