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weaverville n.c

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  1. BMX Freestyler

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  1. yours is one of the best how to's ive seen,deffinitly is helping me, if only you scuffed with the other foot and left foot was on the peg like i'm trying to learn it! haha but no this is a great video thanks!
  2. nice rad dad, still loving all you do for this sport,when are you and the guys coming to n.c and put on a show?lol
  3. very nice man!
  4. mike dockery commented on Texas Tour
    thanks for the film and your dedication to this sport rad dad! you are the man!!!!
  5. awsome stuff! you guys need to come to north carolina and put on a demo rad dad !!
  6. congratulations rad dad! way to go, still an inspiration to me!