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  1. Yes, we do need to get out of the tent, go for a walk and get a new perspective! Another wise and practical advice from Joyce!
  2. Outra mensagem excelente da Joyce Meyer! Precisamos de mais videos da Joyce dublados para o português (ou legendados) para que mais pessoas tenham acesso a estas mensagens.
  3. This is another inspiring and important message from Joyce that challenges us out of our comfort zone! It is also wonderful to be able to watch Joyce Meyer in Portuguese.
  4. This is one of the most powerful messages I ever heard from Joyce Meyer. I watched this video at least 3 times already. Joyce is very direct and gives practical advice for all of us. Very rarely we will hear this kind of message in church!
  5. Wonderful message from Joyce! I am so glad that my mother, who lives in Brazil, can watch Joyce's videod in Portuguese, as she does not speak English.
  6. Excellent message! Leo includes many examples from his own personal life story in this message.
  7. Excellent message! Ulk Ekman at his best. We are stronger when we are united and we can accomplish so much when we overcome our divisions!