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Love is my first short film, and marks the beginning of my creative portfolio.

With Love I set out to make the most oppressive, stressful and unforgiving horror I had the skill and resources to develop. It cost me a total of £40 and was made with nothing but a Canon 550D, an 11w lamp, four plastic tubes and a table top for dolly/track. I was severely lacking in both equipment and personnel due to utter pennilessness and the time bracket I chose to make the film in.

Editing and sound mixing (creating the entire soundscape from scratch) was 5 months of isolation, weight loss, nightmares, depression and euphoria. I ended up backing myself into a corner to create it, leaving University in the process, and though I was with a small television show at the time, softening my drop into real life, I wonder whether I'd have left anyway - it was my film and I against the world.

Love will be the first part of a series of short films that will come under a single theme (... which isn't 'that'). For me, this series will act as a my film school - I intend to build competence as a filmmaker all over again, on step at a time, preparing myself to make a solid, crisp, 'that's how it's done' first feature film.

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