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  1. Foremost: yes, that is heartbreaking and awful. First, Romney didn't receive my vote, and I believe he should've received 0 votes. Second, your idea is pure speculation, undeniably, and totally unlikely. There is nothing morally illicit about taking…
  2. So what if it wouldn't be legal at that point?--You are assuming that the baby isn't born gravely premature, but we'll ignore that.--The issue is to decide when abortion *ought to be* legal or illegal. My point still stands--namely, whether or not…
  3. You know what the difference is between a fetus and a child, don't you? Location! (10 seconds before birth, you were a fetus.) If a fetus isn't a person because of its location, where do I need to put you to make you non-human?
  4. Mixing truth and lies doesn't make the lies true. I don't blame anyone for hating what Romney stands for, by which I mean what he pretends to stand for, but Obama is equally vile. They're both great candidates for castration. If you think abortion…