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WorldIrish is an online community for those who are Irish or have an affinity with Ireland. It is a rallying point, a forum for the sharing of stories, ideas and experiences that can help us realise our individual and collective potential. We believe it’s the Irish spirit of generosity, the spark of creativity and the sense of conscientiousness that marks this community.

WorldIrish offers an opportunity for this greater global family to connect, engage and support each other – and in doing so, both help define what it is to think Irish and to reshape the future of the World Irish, wherever we may be. This is more than a website, it is a movement that is inclusive, welcoming and positive. And at heart of the WorldIrish initiative is a belief that the social, cultural and economic lives of the world can be enhanced by the power of our collective thinking, common values and shared experiences.

Think Irish, be WorldIrish.

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