Ryan Adams

Toronto, Canada

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Specializing in Flash and Toon Boom 2D animation and classical visual FX.

Provided animation for:

Providential Pictures - Paws and Tails: Season 2
Providential Pictures - The Adventures in Booga Booga Land

9Story Entertainment - Wibbly Pig
9Story Entertainment - WildKratts Seaons 1 and 2 (Visual FX)
9Story Entertainment - Peep and the Big Wide World: Season 5
9Story Entertainment - Almost Naked Animals (Visual FX and Character Animation)
9Story Entertainment - Fugget About It (FX)
9Story Entertainment - NumbChucks (Visual FX Design, Team Lead and Animation.)

Guru - Paw Patrol (2D VFX overlaid on 3D animation renders)


  1. Tony Zhou
  2. Ash Thorp