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I love making movies, it's a lot of fun and a lot of headaches, the good kind of headaches that cause you to dig a little deeper until you find an editing aspirin that makes it all better.
In 2001 I wrote a feature called "Stolen Grace" which I also acted in as part of Sun and Shield productions formerly Talk Hard productions and before that film even wrapped production I had finished a really long mob script called "Shadows" which is the first thing I directed under my own production company name Outlaw Film Productions. This film was not very good due mostly because of my lack of experience, I also started a docu-series on Elvis week and other Elvis related events called Walkin on the blvd, In 04 I worked on my first scramble film with the Team Nusense where I was the Boom guy and provider of equipment. The film was Circle Jerks and kinda blew chunks. Next I set up 3 straight shorts: Ditto which was a twin film, it was co-directed by R. Daniel Walker, it marks the first time I worked with Debbie Smith, it was followed by Going Straight, a comedy about a hit-man trying to change his wicked ways. It marks the first time I worked with Sonny Backus.Then came the 1st Outlaw scramble Gooby, it looks awful today but I still like it, then we did Nick Donovan: Movie Star about a struggling actor waiting for his big break.a slew of films followed in 05, the year ended with Sonny becoming my partner. Now 6 years later we've worked on over 70 shorts, features, and docs.

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