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  1. short film

    by Daniel Wyszynski joined

    1,922 Videos 888 Members

  2. Great shorts

    by Joe Hughes joined

    88 Videos 30 Members

  3. Videography

    by Cineovation.com joined

    5,812 Videos 1,364 Members

    This is a place where Videographers from around the world can share their video masterpieces. Whether it's a short film, project, or just an experiment, please post for others to view and critique. Follow…

  4. HD Webisodes

    by Bram Van der Hallen joined

    1,909 Videos 403 Members

    'HD Webisodes' is a group for creators of HD web episodes. A webisode is simply a web episode – collectively it is part of a web series, a form of new media that characteristically…

  5. Awesome Shorts

    by Charlie V. joined

    25 Videos 22 Members

    This is a group where you basically add and descuss awesome shorts. Shorts that make an impact on you, or a short you just can't stop watching. This is by no means, and excuse for self promotion.…

  6. Short Films

    by Daniel Encinas joined

    11K Videos 4,589 Members

    Group dedicated to Short Films.

  7. Shorts

    by Scott Wild joined

    40 Videos 4,187 Members

    A place for the best short films on Vimeo

  8. Shorter Movies

    by Mitch Harrison joined

    80 Videos 24 Members

  9. documentary

    by Christian Thorge Schmidt joined

    3,260 Videos 1,264 Members

  10. Documentary Filmmaking

    by Ijaba Films joined

    2,638 Videos 972 Members

  11. Documentaries

    by D&W joined

    15.1K Videos 4,938 Members

    For all independent film Directors and Producers

  12. Indie Music

    by Zenfilm joined

    345 Videos 6,389 Members

    Music videos for and by independent recording artists. We are looking for creative, original works by pros and amateurs and everything in-between. Welcome.

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