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  1. University of Twente

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  1. That was inspiring. I'm currently waiting on the weather to improve to start my paragliding training.
  2. Hi Merjin, Our developers are working on some bugs in the Music Store right now and we hope to have it fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  3. I've been trying to buy this track for my video but none of the buttons seem to be working. Using the customizeable track length does nothing (could use a little instruction on the required time format as well). The cart and enhance buttons do nothing.…
  4. Lovely, this is the kind of work that's worth supporting. Downloading from your site now.
  5. The spectator won't be able to see it. The effect relies on the long exposure of the camera. Normal light painting sets a camera to a long exposure, For example a shutter time of 1 minute. Then you take a light like one of those portable bicycle…