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I am a student film maker studying Media (Film) Production at Staffordshire University. I am an aspiring magician/mentalist. This means I will have a variety of content from magic and flourish video's to short drama's and documentaries.

I have just recently finished my latest film "Remember" set to be made public in mid January. I am currently planning my next non fiction film. For anyone who has spoke to me or knows me they will know I have a great passion for creative non fiction film making especially those that somehow involve magic, hence why my next film should be a documentation about magic. More details will be released early 2012.

Over the last year of film making, I have slowly been drawn to creative sound design. I love the way we can create hundreds of sounds to create new ones and there many uses. It's something I'm slowly hoping to be more involved in especially foly and studio sound recording.

Overall I hope you enjoy looking at my Vimeo page and any feedback is much appreciated. Also feel free to check out my facebook, tumblr and follow me on twitter. Links are all below.!/SimonSnoopMoore

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