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  1. TodaysArt

    TodaysArt Plus The Hague, The Netherlands


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    www.todaysart.org www.vimeo.com/groups/todaysart www.facebook.com/todaysart www.twitter.com/todaysart TodaysArt is a network organization specialized in the presentation, research, development, production and promotion within the field of digital culture, contemporary arts and creativity. Since…

  2. Polynoid

    Polynoid Plus Berlin, Germany


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    At Polynoid we love cutting edge 3D animation and enjoy applying it to art, commercials, film and design. Projects aiming for conceptual and visual excellence get us excited.

  3. Kristof Brandl

    Kristof Brandl PRO Montreal, Quebec


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    Director / Cinematographer kristofbrandl@live.ca DOP USA Agent - ARTISTRY (COMMERCIALS & PROMOS) HEINRICH MEYER heinrich@artistry.net +310 652 8778 DOP EUROPE Agent - COSMIC (COMMERCIALS & PROMOS) MARIE BERG marie@cosmicparis.com +331 45 42 10 10 PERSONAL: kristofbrandl@live.ca +1 450 822 4929

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