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  1. Rusty calling it like you see it, and straight to the point. :) Tom about that noise I was hearing through the speakers, it sounded like a short fart. This happened every 15 minutes. Tom what do we know now? Yes to firefox or No? File type? have…
  2. I need a refund on this Paypal transaction Unique Transaction ID #5WK50506V6155513S Sep 5 Please reverse this transaction and downgrade me. All due to your recent upload problems that you are unsure of what is causing them.
  3. Chris I am in the same boat , I just signed up for Plus yesterday through Paypal. I rarely use Vimeo, but know it was one of the best for HD video. Can the staff please tell me how to receive a refund?
  4. Add to my post above. My speakers make a strange sound every 15 minutes, and this has never happened before.
  5. Same here mp4 3.8 gigs failed 1280x720 made in Vegas 11 I just signed up for Plus and now this. Please advise