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PlayGround launched in the summer of 2008 with one objective: to grow and establish itself in Spain as the main reference for online musical information and opinion. At a time when the media was undergoing a period of irreversible change and the traditional paper format -up until then virtually the only medium used by the music press- seemed condemned to constantly shrinking markets, PlayGround put its resources into the daily updated portal model. From that moment on and without interruption, PlayGround has offered readers news, reviews, articles and opinions about new musical phenomena and cultural meteorites, in real time. Today, two and a half years later, PlayGround has achieved its goal to be the main publication in Spain for independent, pop and avant-garde music, with thousands of daily users and a content-publishing rate that allows for covering practically all the specialised music available.

Having established this leading role in Spain, the next objective is to offer its contents to Worldwide audiences. In May 2010, PlayGround stepped forward and presented its English language version, unveiling a fully bilingual website. PlayGround has now positioned itself as one of the most promising music-specialised media channels of the moment, growing constantly and steadily gaining prestige on the world map of music websites. In becoming bilingual, PlayGround’s editorial team became comprised of both Spanish and British based journalists, with the goal of uniting the best writing talent from across the regions and enabling PlayGround to cover more genres and more artists, and connect with a wider audience base.

PlayGround aims to situate itself, in the multimedia environment provided by the Internet, as an interactive curiosity case for accessing specialised information about a wide spectrum of new music whilst discarding traditional labels like pop, electronica, folk and experimental. We aim to transmit our passion for current and cutting edge music beyond realities and fads, encouraging audiences to participate and communicate directly with us through our social networks, and embracing the opportunity to make reading or viewing a web page a shared experience.

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