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Antoni ‘Tosiek’ Degutis is a Polish Canadian artist currently residing in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Antoni performs and records exclusively his own music. ‘Tosiek’ (it's his Polish nickname) plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards. Antoni also uses loops, samples, and programmed beats as creative tools to write his music. One can hear variety of vibes and musical styles in Antoni's tunes. Antoni enjoys taking listeners for a musical journey. Journey through delicate, very melodic and relaxing, sometimes lullaby-like compositions, to entirely different musical realm, where tunes are driven by heavily distorted electrical guitars and strong rhythm section. Antoni also likes to use images and videos to magnify the artistic impact of his music.

Antoni begun his musical adventure back in 70s by studying classical guitar. Later on he became fascinated with electric guitar, and begun his career as a professional musician touring and recording internationally with variety of Polish music groups. Years of touring and recording with Polish bands like Mietek Blues Band, ARGUS, and JEEP, gained him all around stage experience, and honed his chops as performing and recording musician. He was ready now to take a big step forward.

In 1984, TSA, the most successful heavy metal band in Poland was on a lookout for a guitar player. Antoni auditioned and got the job. After couple of weeks spent with his new band mates on rehearsing material from three TSA albums, and after only two gigs in small clubs, Antoni was thrown into very deep waters. TSA accepted an offer to open for Nazareth during their Polish tour! It was great, eye opening and learning experience for Antoni. Indeed, it was a unique opportunity to observe and learn hands on the mechanics of international show-business from up close and personal. Antoni finally achieved what rock musicians dream about, he became a Rock Star! Now Antoni slept in four and five stars hotels, ate meals in expensive restaurants, frequently traveled by air, played concerts in big sport arenas and stadiums, and left his autograph on intimate parts of great many female bodies. Also, with all that came great number of interviews: by the press, live on the radio, and also live TV appearances.

Sharing the same bus and dinner table during the tour with his musical heroes, provided Antoni with great opportunity to learn a lot about Nazareth's history and make friends with them. Antoni recorded three albums with TSA. First album, English version of Heavy Metal World was released worldwide in 1985 by Belgian metal label Mausoleum Records. Although Polish version of Rock 'n' Roll LP was recorded in 1986, it was released 2 years later, because Polish censors objected to lyrics in two songs from that album. Recording sessions for the English version of Rock ‘n’ Roll LP, the second TSA album to be released worldwide by Mausoleum Records in 1986 were never completed. To Antoni, reason for that remains unclear to this day. Third album TSA live '98 was recorded during their live concert in Sopot Poland in 1998. On that occasion Antoni’s band mates, apart from two original members of the group, were Paweł Mąciwoda on bass, and Duane Cleveland, accomplished American drummer and percussionist from New York. Paweł Mąciwoda latter on became a bass player in famous German rock band Scorpions.

Here are links to Antoni's YouTube and MySpace channels:

And here are links to various TSA videos where with one exception Tosiek can be seen wearing short pants. The one exception where Tosiek is wearing long pants is the first video recorded in 1984 in Opole, Poland. On this occasion Tosiek wasn't allowed to wear his trademark short pants. Here Tosiek has bleached hair, and is also wearing white T-shirt with horizontal stripes:
The following video was recorded in 1985 in Krakow, Poland.
The following two videos were recorded in 1985 during TSA performance at Belgian heavy metal festival ShockWave:
The following video was recorded in 1986 in Opole, Poland:
The following two videos were recorded in 1998 in Sopot, Poland:


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