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    Mirai Mizue is a representative figure of the new generation of abstract animation in Japan. His films have been shown in more than 100 festivals in about 20 countries. His strong obsession towards cells forces him to draw every frame with surprising density. His rhythmical animation overwhelms viewers.…

  2. Florian Witzel

    Florian Witzel San Francisco


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    Florian Witzel is a Director, Designer and CG Artist currently working for Industrial Light & Magic based in San Francisco, CA. Before and while he studied Media Design at the GSO University in Germany and Film& TV at Bond University in Australia, Florian worked at various post production and…

  3. Takuya Hosogane

    Takuya Hosogane Plus Tokyo,Berlin


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    bigger, brighter, better. contact:hosogane[at]gmail.com http://www.hsgn.tk/

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