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Pason is a fit, petite, natural Redhead SAG-AFTRA actress originally from GA/TN, based in Santa Monica, CA. Pason’s nominated as Best Supporting Actress (Fantastic Horror Film Festival ’14). Pason did Motion Capture, Performance Capture intensive workshop with Tom Keegan. She studies with acting coach Aaron Speiser. Pason’s in several Feature Films, TV, Commercials, Voice Over, Music Videos, Motion Capture, Performance Capture, ADR, over 100 magazines & stages (former pro. dancer/aerialist). She posed for 3 bronze sculptures by Andrew Cawrse. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art had a 5ft photo on display the NY Times wrote an article about calling the photo the “Essence of Power.”

Pason speaks with a Standard American accent & easily does 2 different Southern accents. Voice description: Confident, strong, friendly, sensible, captivating, warm and sexy. Articulate with a bold and daring delivery. Can easily deliver adventurous, mischievous, opinionated and realistic voices.

Pason’s unique classic beauty, uninhibited talents, which combines her physical performance background with her excellent acting and voice abilities make her a strong well-rounded actress! “Pason the Redhead Actress”

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