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  1. Try the Manfrotto Fig Rig.
  2. Here is a DIY Frame stabilizer that you don't cut or drill. It is for a hdslr camera. It is not for the big boys, but it is cheap to make.with all parts from the same place. There is a write up about it at: videoproductiontips.com/the-diy-hdslr-accessory-
  3. id say one good way is get a pvc pipe if you dont have a monopod u can use a tripod. and flip it upside down. and record feet and run backwards or farward. remember u only have to show clips real quick do id do a shot from the front and one from…
  4. I always like to have the camera behind a person if you can, using a steadicam of some sort. I find that if the camera isn't running with you it doesn't feel too intense. If intense is what you're going for.
  5. Exactly!
  6. If you're on a smooth surface you can strap a sportscam (e.g. GoPro Here) to a bicycle and ride in front, behind or alongside the runner and get smooth shots over any distance you like.
  7. and then flip the video in post?
  8. Hahahaha