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Trouble is devoted to creating extreme environments that have no exterior, public art both condoned and illegal, and other kinds of visual/sound art intended to be used for some purpose. Their work is about community, spirituality, politics, craft, and beauty. Trouble is Sam Hillmer and Laura Paris.

Laura Paris is a founding member of the art duo Trouble and co-founded the Coalition for Hispanic Family Services' Arts and Literacy After School and Summer Program in Bushwick, Brooklyn in 1993. Laura is active as a sculptor, painter, projectionist, and installation artist. Recently she has shown/performed at BAM, La Nuit Blanche, and Ecstatic Music Festival in New York City, the Experimental Media Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in Troy New York, the White Chappell Gallery and the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) in London, the Brno House of Arts in Brno, Czech Republic, and the Vacant Gallery in Tokyo Japan. Laura appears frequently with her partner and collaborator Sam Hillmer as projectionist for Diamond Terrifier and ZS.

Sam Hillmer has been active as a musician in New York City since 1996. Hillmer has lead several ensembles under his own name and co-founded the chamber ensemble/band "Zs" and performs solo as "Diamond Terrifier". He is also a founding member of Wet Ink, a not-for-profit new music presenting organization, Representing NYC, a Hip Hop based youth development group, and Trouble, the conceptual installation art duo. Hillmer appears regularly in and around New York, across North America, in Europe, and in Asia.