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The human right
Do We have rights? Some say it should be.
There's no place in this world for cruelty.
We all are created by God and placed here on earth.
Are they granted any rights from the time of their birth?
Those chosen as pets should have sweet happy dreams,
But everything around us is not always as it seems.
I hold out my hands as I look to the sky.
Why do God's creations have to tragically die?
Pitted against each other in a duel to the death.
The fighting isn't over until one no longer draws breath.
You've trained your pet well, is it ready for the pit?
If others were to ask, it's not something you'd admit.
Money exchanging hands as fast as the eye can see.
Everyone wants to bet on which will score a victory.
They scratched and clawed until one's life was spent.
This is what you considered to be entertainment.
You discarded the dead one and set the live one free.
This was your reward as the spoils of victory.
You don't care if the animals have any rights.
You are only interested in watching them fight.

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