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Atlanta, Georgia

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Hi! (Yeah so, just so you know, most of my videos are just pictures with my songs playing in the background. I don't have the unnecessary tools to make my own videos yet and the ones i did make in school sucked cuz it was sooo long ago. So, Just a little heads up)
My name is Kenyatta Jones. I'm a song writer, Music producer, audio engineer, Script writer, Novel writer, Artist... Basically, anything creative... (I often work for Brain Damage Creative Services. Link:
My dream is to have my music heard around the world. I want everyone to listen to the different types of genres and the change in styles that i offer.
I hope the one day i'll be making music for the most popular singers/ rappers out in the music industry today.

"Every second, someone has a song in their mind and the world lives with music. Therefore, make the music for the world so that everyone can keep living with music. Let the music live among the living, Rather then letting it live with the dead." -Kenyatta Jones

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