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Whatever your target is and wherever you are coming from, I am here to help you. Whether it is to tone-up, get a healthy body or a good posture, in the end you just want to look good, feel great and be able to enjoy your body to the full.

Let’s put words into action and let’s go where you want to be.

My focus is on the quality of movement. I apply an integrated method using full body exercises that help to improve your posture, balance, flexibility, agility, power and strength.

Bulgarian Bag Training
Kettlebell Sport and Kettlebell Conditioning
Olympic Weightlifting
TRX Suspension Training
Performance Boxing

Personal Trainer Level 3
IBBC Bulgarian Bag Specialist Level 1
Advanced Extreme Kettlebell Instructor
Olympic Weightlifting Instructor
Advanced Performance Boxing Instructor
TRX Suspension Training Certificate

Sebastiaan Bokhorst (Let's Go Where You Want To Be) is a qualified personal trainer in London, UK. He is based in Fitness First, Tottenham Court Road.

If you would like a trial session, please call 075 1608 1925

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