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Leading the way in the Stereoscopic 3D Revolution!

Singapore-based Widescreen Media Pte Ltd specialises in 2D and Stereoscopic 3D production, post-production and consultation, with a focus on the broadcast, advertising and feature film markets.

Established in 2006 as a HD post-production facility, we currently offer services such as:
- S3D equipment, data wrangling, dailies, specialised manpower & consultation
- S3D post-production, including depth-grading & colour-grading for 3D DCP & film out
- RED Epic/2K/HD production, consultation and post-production.

Widescreen Media has worked on a number of Stereoscopic project: The Hunter 3D (Sarawak), Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 龙门飞甲 (China), Bait 3D (Australia) Detective Dee the Prequel (Hong Kong) and The Second Coming 3D (Hong Kong).

We are also responsible for the post-production of acclaimed films such as HERE, by auteur Ho Tzu Nyen (Cannes, 2009), WHEN HAINAN MEETS TEOCHEW by Han Yew Kwang, and 18 GRAMS OF LOVE, which went on to several film festivals in Europe and Asia.

As an avid supporter of the local film industry, we involve ourselves in independent works via sponsorships and other means; and have since built long-standing partnerships with many companies and filmmakers in the community.

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