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My name is Nate Asman, and i started making music a few years back under the alias Hamilton Beach, using Ableton Live and Logic. (I use mainly Ableton nowadays.) Ma shit is mainly Electro-jammy-dubby-hip-hop(esque), with maybe a little glitch thrown in for good measure...i draw from a lot of different influences, as you will see. I have a bachelor's degree in music from Denison University, and am currently getting my masters degree at the University of Oregon this fall (2010) in Intermedia Music Technology. I am based out of Eugene, OR right now, but also out of SLC, UT. I have started branching out and using programs like Max/MSP, Kyma, and my Monome to make my music...and i am learning a hell of a lot in my masters program. Stay tuned for more music and remixes!! :) Please leave feedback! i love to hear what ya'll think of my music.

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  1. Hey if you guys like the music, it's my music, and my project is called Hamilton Beach. You can check out my stuff @ and and you can find my artist page @