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Yoram Roth is a fine art photographer living and working in his hometown, Berlin Germany. Roth creates fine art images as well as photo book projects. His work uses the language and tools of commercial and fashion photography to play with story elements, and to engage the viewer in images that require a level of personal interpretation.

His work requires that sets are built, props are created, clothing is either made or pulled from various sources. The artist creates sketches and storyboards prior to image creation. Roth’s work is narrative, and relies on substantial pre-production. These are not spontaneous snapshots, the images are planned and executed through a deliberate process. The results – large fine art prints as well as meticulous photo stories – are laden with details.

Yoram Roth considers the photobook as much a medium in its own right as large framed prints, and a number of his projects are specifically conceptualized as printed publications, including his most recent project “Hanjo” as well as the in-progress project "Struwwelpeter".

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