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Curtis McKinney
• Place of Birth: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
• Education: BM, University of Oklahoma. MFA, Mills
College. PhD(in progress) Bournemouth University.
• Past Instructors: Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell, Chris Brown, John Biscoff, and Pauline Oliveros
• Instrument of Choice: Electric Bass, Upright Bass, SuperCollider
• Favorite micro-organisms: Brettanomyces
• Favorite beer styles: Russian Imperial Stout, American Wild Ale, Barleywine
• Least favorite Number: 127

Curtis is a reprogrammed rogue who undergoes constant inner turmoil regarding his mysterious past, which proves only to be his need to fight, and the the threat he believes he still poses to society. His main weapon is the Z-Buster and the Z-saber. He was created by Dr. Willy in order to replace Bass and later destroy his nemesis. It is unclear whom Wily was talking about. He entered a sleep capsule where he will awaken in 102 years later on August 15. Curtis makes sounds akin to a Commodore 64 violently exsanguinating 8-bit blood.

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