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Magpie 6 Media was founded by Cliff Parrott and Christina O'Shea in 2008. An award winning animator, Cliff has been in the animation industry since 1999 working in Los Angeles, California in studios such as Cartoon Network, Disney, Comedy Central, and Revolution Studios. He produced many animated shorts for comic celebrities such as Adam Sandler, Damon Wayans, and Dana Carvey.

Magpie 6 Media focuses on creating and producing animation for children of preschool age and for boys and girls ages 6 to 12. Magpie 6 Media has created and produced 80 x 2’ animated preschool shorts for Disney including the “Walrus-Duck ABC’s” series, the “Professor Owl’s Class” series, and the "Rhyme Time with Higgins" series.

The studio co-produced 26 half hours of the animated series "The Travels of the Young Marco Polo" which is airing worldwide since November 2013.

We recently finished production on 26 x 11 min preschool series, created and produced in-house, called "Rocka-Bye Island" (aka "Inis Spraoi" in Ireland). The show is due to air in several countries over the summer of 2014.

We are in development of many 2D and CGI animated and live acton shows.

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