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Passionate about football and passionate about empowering kids in underserved communities, Ovie brings his passions together to ensure that "Our Future is Green."As the best fullback in the NFL, and the starting fullback for the Atlanta Falcons, Ovie had a breakout 2010 season, earning his first Pro Bowl. The passion and dedication he brings to the game of football is huge. But it's nothing compared to his vision for The Ovie Mughelli Foundation.
Sparked by a conversation with Laura Turner, activist daughter of media mogul Ted Turner, Ovie started [omf] in 2008 and the foundation’s community based programs are getting results.

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  1. The Environment and Fitness does have something in common! Excited to participate in Ovie's camp again this year and be part of the Eco Fun!
  2. Love this. Love the guy. Love the concept.