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Since I was a young lad photography was a great passion of mine, and along with two other interests (music and technology) it took most of my free time.
Through the years my passion for photography kept growing, slowly becoming a desire to become a professional photographer in search for that elusive perfect shot that would fill me with pride and joy.
My objective is to endeavour capturing the best possible shot, while at the same time adding identity and style in each unique moment.
Supported by the latest technology in photography and the highest quality equipment, my goal is to eternalise life-moments with a touch of art, technique and the everlasting willingness to improve with each picture I take.
Always ready for new challenges and prepared to deliver what you are looking for... perhaps that impossible angle, that special light that was missing to bring a picture to life.


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  2. Nice one. Can you also record in 720p with the 6D and Magic Lantern?